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Genuine Fossilized wood
Ideal for Tank landscaping
Aquariums - Vivariums - Terrariums

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A natural Tank rock

These are small pieces of Fossilized Wood that have simply been cleaned up and presented for use, primarily as a natural rock tank landscaping material for Aquariums, Vivariums and Terrariums.

This genuine Fossilized tree is a natural stone material millions of years old.
NOT Quarried rock.
NOT Bogwood.
NOT Driftwood.
NOT Resin.
Every piece is unique, with fossilized-in character and earthy natural colourings.

This is a super material for Tropical Aquarium decoration, Vivarium decoration and Terrarium decoration. When used in Aquariums it will not discolour the water.

Other uses for Fossilized wood

Being such a natural material it is the perfect compliment for greenery. Ideal for decoration in the tops of Plant pots, Planters and Window boxes. Use the Fossilized wood with a few decorative pebbles to create your own interior design feature or put some in your water feature.

This material will be made available for sale from this site at a later date.

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