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Fossilized Tree Prices
At Indah we will always strive to keep prices to a minimum
*** Do your research***

*** Our prices are less than half that of other suppliers ***

Large Landscaping pieces of Fossilized tree

A full pallet is considered wholesale and is sold at £1.50 per Kg
Pallet with 1000Kg - Cost £1500
Consider this
Photos of every piece on every pallet are available.
You only pay for what is on the pallet.
Pallet deliveries are free.

Individual pieces sold retail are priced individually and are available via various stockists whose details are assigned to the stock they hold.
Indah Products does have some individual pieces for sale.
Click here to view the Fossilized tree Pallet list.

Decorative Gift Fossils
Fossils for Aquariums, Vivariums or Terrariums

These are priced and made available for purchase
via this website.

Any questions then simply "Contact us as shown below".
E-mail indah@indah.co.uk
or call +44 (0) 1772 497703 - Mobile +44 (0) 77 929 44 568