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Indah Landscaping Rocks

The owner of this business is also a Driving instructor and runs Driving Passion Driving School in Preston. You can buy Gift certificates for Driving lessons which can be personalised as Birthday Gift certificates or as Christmas Gift certificates.

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Unusual Gift ideas sample 1 View Gift 58
Weight 2.85 Kg
Height 18.5 cm
Cost £28.50

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These small pieces of Fossilized Wood are genuine turned to stone pieces that have been selectively ground and lapped. A truly beautiful ornamental stone. Felt has then been applied to the base to protect delicate surfaces.

Although naturally decorative as stand alone Interior design pieces they are a superb decorative landscaping stone for interior landscaping designs. The ideal compliment for Cut flowers, Pot plants, Cacti, Bonsai or Ferns.

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Interior Decoration sample 3 View Gift 21
Weight 4.85 Kg
Height 20.5cm
Cost £39.25
Unusual Gift ideas sample 2 View Gift 53
Weight 2.9 Kg
Height 17 cm
Cost £29.00
Unique Gifts sample 1 View Gift 27
Weight 5.8 Kg
Height 21 cm
Cost £44.00

Indah Landscaping Rocks - Tel +44 (0)1772 497703 - Mob +44 (0)77929 44568
Contact - Paul Higson -
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Trading address :- 12 Fair Oak Close, Ribbleton, Preston, Lancashire, PR2 6EP
Ideal for Japanese Landscape garden design