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Indah Products Ltd is a recently formed company. Incorporated on 17 June 2002. The company was set up to introduce the "Fossilized Tree Sections" into the UK markets. With many contacts in the Far East and much knowledge of the area, it is the intention to introduce many other exciting, naturally biased products in the future.

Currently we are selling the Fossilized tree into three market areas :-

Fossilized Tree Sections
Medium to Large pieces for garden, indoor or water feature decoration.

Aquarium Fossils
Small natural pieces are prepared for sale as aquarium decorations.

Gift Fossils
Small felted pieces are prepared for sale within the gift market.

As a new company our customer's needs and suggestions are of paramount importance to us. We are more than willing to meet and discuss any aspects of the business that may lead to us providing you with added value service.

About us